Craft beers

International recognition

More and more people are wanting to try real beers and different flavours, which has led to the popularity of craft beers skyrocketing in recent years.

Each craft beer takes you somewhere different, and this is only achieved thanks to the hard work done by small beer producers to create beers with lots of personality and a strong local character. 

This is the case with the various microbreweries that are now all over the province of Cáceres. One stands out among them in particular for the national and international recognition it has achieved recently: Cerveza Cerex, which has had a great reception for all its varieties. Two of its standout creations are Cerex Cereza, made with real Jerte Valley cherries, giving it great flavour, and Cerex Ibérica de Bellota, considered by consumers as the Best Craft Beer in Spain 2015. Try it paired with pulses and stews.

Cerex Cereza  and Cerex Castaña were recognised by the World Beer Awards jury as the best Spanish beers in the ‘fruit & vegetables’ and ‘smoke’ categories, respectively.

Moreover, for three consecutive years the International Taste and Quality Institute’s Superior Taste Awards has awarded five gold stars to Cerex beer as the most awarded craft beer in the world. In addition to these awards, Cerex Pilsen has also received other prizes, as well as the recognition received by the creators at numerous business and entrepreneurial meetings.

Cerex is not the only beer from Cáceres worth trying. La Cervecera Artesana del Oeste, in Plasencia, is the creator of Blomberg beers (in honour of Charles V’s lover, Barbara Blomberg). Some include the best local products such as DOP Villuerca-Ibores Honey. 

Other local beers include Mangurria, Ambroz, Monteña and Belona, all of which offer products of the highest quality.

As a result of this growing industry, and thanks to the desire to promote its work and bring together all beer lovers, an International Craft Beer Festival is held in March in Trujillo.

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